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What We Do

Proudly serving the Gelatin industry for the last 35 years. We are manufacturing and exporting slaughtered animal bone products and agriculture manures of animal origin. We are not only reputed in local market but also in the international market as the largest manufacturers of premium quality SRM Free Crushed Bone, Bone Grist, Bone Meal etc in Pakistan. We use healthy animal bones from approved slaughterhouses to produce high quality products and provide on time delivery to our customers. We conduct our business responsibly to achieve goodwill with a long-term growth by fulfilling our commitments with our buyers and to the environment. We are a sign of quality in this line of business by satisfying our customer needs. We are a standard by which others measure their performance. Our hallmarks are the innovation, initiative and teamwork of our people and our ability to anticipate and effectively respond to change to create opportunity.

About Us

My Mission

  • Adoption of advanced technology in Gelatin manufacturing.
  • Investment in human resources to create and strengthen professional environment.
  • Exploring new international markets with the satisfaction of existing customers.
  • Fetching and delivering healthy returns to all stakeholders.
  • Contribution towards economic and social uplift of employees and community in general.

About Us


To continue to lead the domestic industry in Gelatine manufacturing with technology and quality of the product along with persistent recognition in international market.

what We do


To fulfill increasing demand we import raw products from other countries



We are reliable high quality providing exporters of the world



We buy best quality bones, horns and hoofs from all over the country



Many national and international brands are our consistent customers

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