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We are involved in offering Gelatins to our esteemed clients. The offered gelatins are sourced from renowned manufacturers of the market, who processes these partial hydrolysis gelatins using bones of healthy animals in the presence of bovine bone. Our products are fit to consume and are declared of optimum quality by medical experts. Moreover, the offered gelatins are stringently checked on various parameters by the quality analyzers, which ensure our clients for bacteriological, physical, safe chemical and biochemical reactions of these gelatins.

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To fulfill increasing demand we import raw products from other countries



We are reliable high quality providing exporters of the world



We buy best quality bones, horns and hoofs from all over the country



Many national and international brands are our consistent customers

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01. What is gelatin?

Gelatin is a pure, natural protein, designed by nature. It is extracted from collagen, a natural protein found in animal bones and skin - generally beef and pork, and sometimes also fish (skin) and chicken (bones). Gelatin is a food ingredient, not a food additive. It is non-allergenic and E-number free. Gelatin is composed of more than 85% protein, less than 13% water and less than 2% minerals. It contains 18 different amino acids, including 8 out of the 9 essential amino acids, the exception being tryptophan.
Yes, it is. Gelatin is extracted from raw materials derived from animals that have been approved for human consumption. and from which the meat is cooked. Gelatin is a food ingredient that is totally safe, non-allergenic and fully digestible. It has no e-number, is clean label compatible and is perfectly in line with current consumer demand for natural ingredients
Edible gelatin is available in two forms: leaves and soluble powder. Powder is widely used in industrial applications, while gelatin leaves are more the common choice for end consumers. Both grades are soluble in warm water and jellified when cooling. Some gelatin powders are cold-soluble, such as hydrolyzed gelatin or soluble (Instant) gelatin.
Yes, gelatins of bovine origin can be Halal- and/or Kosher-certified by recognized religious bodies. Our gelatin production plants with Halal and/or Kosher certification adhere to a strict set of rules and procedures and are regularly subjected to external inspections with regard to traceability, production and packaging processes.

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